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All negative files from 1994-2007are being disposed of
e-mail me at if you are interested in yours.
• Wedding Files..$10.00
• All other...$5.00

"My Joy In Life is the Privilege of Capturing Yours"
                                                     Debbi Cay

The Shooting Gallery offers different
holiday sets and specials.
Please check back for Seasonal Specials.

Holiday Slide Show

Anniversaries, Birthdays, First Communion,
Homecoming, Holiday Partys, Proms, Community
Gatherings, Car shows, Church events,
Retirement Partys, and Family Reunions
are just some of the events
where photos are a must!

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Coaches, contact me  to set up an
appointment for team memory-mates
• Memory mates...$9.50
• Buttons...$4.50
• Trader Wallets...8 for $14.00

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